Our Culture


At EL&N, our Mission and Vision are at the heart of what we do. Our Mission provides us with a clear and effective guide for making decisions, while our Vision ensures that all the decisions made, are aligned with the goals we want to achieve.

To provide a sustainable community where all our members (Partners, team members and guests), can enjoy a great experience driven by a stylish surrounding and a great guest experience through our unique offering that is consistent across the world.

To be the most successful experience led speciality coffee and lifestyle brand globally, through extensive collaboration within our community.

Our Values come from our team members literally! We sent out a group survey on what our teams considered as important values to have in their workplace. We chose the most popular 6. Everything we do and appraise is done through our values. These are...








EL&N is very passionate about protecting the environment. It is very important to us. We are constantly reviewing the different ways we can reduce our footprint through waste reduction and recycling.

From sourcing through to production, we are dedicated to having a positive social and environmental impact through the initiatives we lead.

We ensure that we operate to the highest ethical standards in relation to

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Organic options & healthy eating
  • Waste reduction
  • Recycling

Please click on the headings below to find out more about how EL&N is being sustainable


  • We use local milk only
  • We use local meats when practical and in season
  • We use free-range eggs whenever we can
  • We use fish from sustainable sources only (MCS Grade 3 or lower)
  • Reducing food miles as much as possible through combined distribution and deliveries
  • Using fully recyclable packaging and reduce or recycle all waste including food waste wherever practical
  • Auditing all our sites to ensure they maintain the highest standards of sustainable food use and waste reduction
  • As well as our own sites, we ensure that all our suppliers also adhere to these standards and audit them against the same criteria
  • We design all our foods and menus throughout the business in line with our existing healthier catering commitment accreditations


  • Furthermore, our entire packaging and retail line has been designed to support our sustainable journey. Distinctive and stylish, elegance and impulsive, sustain and maintain. Words we stand by that brings our brand to life.
  • As the debate between compostable & recyclable continues to drive the packaging market and as packaging technology becomes more innovative, the use of smart materials drives the innovation process.
  • All our packaging is recyclable. With millions of take away cups used in the business each year, it’s important that we do everything we can to manage the impact this has on the surrounding environment.


To combat our environmental impact, we have...

  • Created a range of reusable retail lines from ceramic cups, pastel pink flasks, long life water bottles and tote bags.
  • Our takeaway cups are completely recyclable from lid to base.
  • We are making plans to add a Water Refill point at some of our newest locations.